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Public Access New Zealand (PANZ) was formed in 1992 to counter a major shift towards privatisation of public lands and waters, with consequent loss of public recreational rights.
“We are committed to resist private predation of the public estate”.

PANZ is a research-based advocate – we make no apologies for information overload. These pages are being expanded to provide everything you should ever need to know about public rights of access to the outdoors. We also provide authoritative information about New Zealand’s public lands.

“I had a read through your activities on your website and it is most impressive. The situation on public access in the UK would be a lot clearer if a similar open approach was taken over here. You really are setting a world standard that shows the full potential of the Internet in a truly democratic way. You deserve every success with your endeavours”.
P G Blanchford

As much as possible, the content of these pages is referenced so that you can check its sources and reliability. Our web master is responsible for content, editorial decisions, and unattributed material

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